Liz Jones Rips Rachel Zoe a new one

Liz Jones of the Daily Mail critiques Rachel Zoe's horrible new book in this hilarious interview. I hate the way Rachel Zoe styles and I agree with Liz about her book, I've flipped through and then promptly moved on to Nina Garcia's book.


Skirt Love: J-Crew

The Flannel Parlour skirt from J-Crew is extremely cute, perfect for an afternoon of lunching and shopping. Or meeting the significant others parents. The pockets are what won me over here. Now if only I could find a J-Crew in Canada...



Sweater Love : Abercrombie & Fitch

The Carla sweater from Ambercrombie and Fitch is so cute. I like it best in grey. The only issue I have with it is a) for a short sleeve slightly impractical sweater... that sure is a heafty price tag and b) it's 100% wool. Which means I can't wear it without getting hives. But to those lucky readers who CAN wear wool, the carly looks like a great sweater.



So life has been kicking my ass lately. Hardcore style. Between school, work and family I'm running on empty. And it's not pleasant. That said, I think I can find the time/energy to start blogging again. It may not be a set schedule, and it may not be all that often but I do miss the joys of blogging. So while I gather my thoughts to blog, listen to this (Stars - Take me to the Riot) because they're ace and the guy I like is into them too.