Just taking a small break to recharge my batteries. The last few weeks of November are always hard, with midterms and finals for school. Plus this Saturday will be the 5th anniversary of my dad's death, so I'm going home to visit his grave. Will hopefully be recharged and ready to blog next week.



Elixir by Penhaligons

it's here it's here it's finally here! What you might be asking? why Elixir from Penhaligons of course! The newest fragrance from my favourite nose, Olivia Giacobetti. I smell this at Noor a moth or so ago (when I got my Dzing! bottle) unfortunately they don't have it in yet (in a few weeks they told me) so I'll hold off on buying it until I can get it from them. But it's so lovely. Ahh! I can't wait!

The Notes:
eucalyptus steam, cinnamon, cardamom, white cedar, red Turkish rose, orange blossom, Egyptian jasmine, mace, rosewood, benzoin, tonka bean, vanilla, red sandalwood, guaiac, incense.

The Luckyscent Description:
With Elixir, Penhaligon’s look back to its illustrious past and namely to its first fragrance, a daring and exotic Hammam Bouquet. The echo of the striking and provocative classic can be heard in Elixir. Opulent, complex and mysterious, the new Penhaligon’s creation, created by renowned nose Olivia Giacobetti, is one of the most gorgeous oriental perfumes we have encountered in a long time. The fragrance opens with a veritable firework of spices: cardamom, cinnamon and mace excite the senses while eucalyptus cools them down. In the heart of the scent, the body and soul of a wearer are pampered by the darkly luxurious Turkish rose and jasmine, sweetened by orange blossom. Heat intensifies and the smoke rises as the notes of incense and woods become apparent, enriched by resins and spices. A touch of vanilla and tonka bean softens and rounds the composition, finishing it on an ornate and sensual note. Elixir blends tradition and modernity, East and West, masculine and feminine into a wonderfully unique harmony.



And here I thought I was out of the Harry Potter Fandom more or less for good. Why is it that it keeps sucking me back? With Wizard Rock for the love of all that is holy! (For those who don't know, Wizard Rock is music based on the Harry Potter books. With bands like Harry and the Potters, Draco and the Malfoys, The Parslemouths, The Ministry of Magic and so on) I guess I just have to resign myself to the fact that the Harry Potter books may be done, but my love of the books may never die. I the meantime here are some of the song I love, 99 Deatheaters and Snape Vs. Snape.



something about the weather, when it drops below 5 degrees I grab my hoodies and pretty much live in them, fashion be damned. As I have somehow misplaced my old favourite grey one, I'm looking into replacing it. I got a pink one from joe fresh the other day, but this Roots one has also caught my eye. I love the longer style, and it may just find its way into my closet if it stays this cold.


Well Rounded

I had a very educational weekend. I finished Pride and Prejudice for the billionth time, finished the Count of Monte Cristo. I went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum for those who don't know) to see the Marie Antoinette dress on display and became a member. I also updated my Librarything acount (the literature one, not the history one. I'm so far behind on the history account I'm scared to try and catalog it all) I love it spending time doing 'intellectual' things. My time at work really gets me down so doing things purely to further my personal education always makes me happy.



U Make It

Just wanted to pimp out a friends website, Umake.it It's a great website devoted to instructional videos on how to make everything from your own lip balm, to how to de-bone a chicken. I'm completely addicted to it, and I'm so proud of Meghan for making this happen!


Lusting After...

These two dresses by Oscar De La Renta. Too bad at around $5000 each they're both totally out of my price range. A girl can dream though, no?

Images from net-a-porter

A Change Has Come

I feel so happy to have been a part of history, even if it's not the history of my country. Congratulations USA on choosing (hopefully) the right candidate.



I just realised my pea coat is kinda the colour of Barney the dinosaur.
Doesn't make me love it any less though.