It's a lovely spring day, sun in shining and it's above freezing, I should be jubilant right? Somehow between end of school, work and travel I've managed to run my body into the ground. I've been eating like crap for the past far too long and my energy levels have taken a nose dive. The only problem is, with school and work I have no time to cook healthy meals. The alternative of eating healthy meals out is a no go because my finances are sadly lacking due to the aforementioned traveling. On the plus side my skin did stop freaking out about constantly changing the water softness through travel (seriously scaly legs once I get NYC) any tips of energy boosts that a) don't involve caffeine or drugs and b) don't take up a ton of time?
In the meantime I'll be watching season four of How I met your Mother. <3


Bugaloo Shrimp!

This makes me miss the 90's



Added Twitter to the sidebar. I just started using it and I'm mildly addicted.


On Collecting

I am not new to the collecting circle, I've more or less been collecting all my life. First Grand Champion Ponies and Pony Club books, then swords for a short period of time(it was my tomboy stage) and so on and so forth. I've always loved jewellery, have never been without at least one piece on me at all times. I love looking through my mothers jewellery boxes and asking her about the story behind each piece. I just did a google search about jewellery collecting and all that came up where either shops selling their collections or advice on how to make the most profit from your collection. This saddens me, as why would you bother collecting something if only for a profit?
For me collecting is a labour of love, not of profit. I never think of the resale value of any of the pieces I add to my various collections from Jewellery to Books. I don't intend to sell them, hopefully down the road I'll have a child or a niece or nephew who will take an interest in my collection as I have with my mothers.
For once I'd just like to find a site that talks about the love of collecting, not the profit.


How can I wait?

April 5th cannot come soon enough.


Temple St. Clair

This is the Peridot Bombe ring, and my god what a statement piece.
While in NYC two thing happened, While at the Strand I came across this book entitled Alchemy, by Temple St. Clair all about her jewellery collections and her inspiration. As I had no idea who she was even though I thought the book was lovely I passed (that and I had a ton of book already and a long walk ahead of me) Then when I went to Saks to get my skirt, I popped into the jewellery department and lo and behold, there was Temple St. Clair. Needless to say I fell in love. Except with the prices (one ring was $9000, I almost has a heart attack) Until I can afford her lovely work (which will be a miracle if it happens) I'll just stalk her web page and buy her book.

This ring I saw in Ruballite and I like it with the bright pink stone so much better. So pretty and simple a setting though, it reminds me of the Jewellery the women I met from Bangladesh wore.

These rock crystal pendants are what she's known for. This one is actually quite reasonable at $400, whereas all the others are in the $1000+ range.


Bon Voyage!

One of the things I picked up in NYC, a DVF skirt in the Bon Voyage print, it's so cute and cheerful I can't wait for warmer weather to wear it! My trip was great, I'll be posting a recap later on but for now I leave you with this brilliantly chavvy picture my friends took of me in my new skirt, my new top and some purple zebra print wayfarers. So much fun.


in defense of fluff

So I recently greatly enjoyed two movies that critics hated and it got me thinking, what is so wrong with fluffy feel good movies? I know Confessions of a Shopaholic may be a little inappropriate given the current economic climate, but consider that this is a BESTSELLING novel and was filmed over a year ago. Sure it's somewhat horrifying to think of all that debt (Although, $16 000 in debt is actually not a lot, if you factor in what most people have in student loans, mortgages, ect) but why do people get so offended by a movie? It doesn't touch on religion, politics, animal rights or any other hot button topic. So why is it so controversial?
Another movie to come under attack is He's Just not that into You. Many feminists claim it's a horrible example, but really whats so wrong with it? Sure at first I was sceptical (a movie based on a book based on a quote from Sex and the City?) but I thought it was a great fluffy movie (maybe not the best date movie but still)

These movies are not here to make us think, they are not here to make us ask deep thoughtful questions, they are here to entertain us. Period. What is so wrong with mindless fun?


War & Peace

War and Peace is a sweeping epic and was my first Project Well Read novel of the year. I received my copy from my sister for Christmas, a lovely Everyman's Library edition split into three volumes. I chose this edition for portability. I started it on Christmas day and finished it on the 29Th of January. In the beginning I was slightly spoiled by the fact that my manager had given away that Prince Andrew dies, so I tried not to form an attachment to him which in the beginning turned out to be easy. He seemed so cold and reserved compared to the brash Nicolas Rostov and the bumbling Pierre. But as it wore on I understood my managers childhood crush on the dashing Prince Andrew who runs into battle and falls passionately in love with Natasha. I think I need to reread this work in order to fully appreciate it, its so large and long and there is so much going on that one reading hardly does it justice. Maybe I'll reread it in a year and see how my perspective changes.