Perfume and Cashmere

Last Friday I finally tracked down a shop in Toronto that sells L'Artisan perfumes and purchased my much coveted bottle of Dzing! The shop, Noor Boutique is very lovely, the girl who helped me was very helpful, even supplying me with multiple samples of what she thought I might like based on what I already did like. I'm currently in LOVE with L'artisan's Mechant Loup (the Big Bad Wolf) which is going to be my next perfume splurge.
I also picked up a lovely dark grey (shocking) cashmere cardigan (even more shocking I know, my wardrobe is just full of surprises) and guess what? its v-neck! Why I'm such a rebel. But it is long and it was only $89 and it wasn't from Jcrew, it's from Zara. It's my new fav as I've worn it every day.



Belated Birthday

So even though my birthday was back in September I was in such a funk I didn't really get myself anything, except my glasses. With the ecconomy in the state it is I really want to even more buy peices that will stand the test of time. I'd like to expand my jewelry collection a bit. I love love love rings. I wear two everyday (One is the one my mum was given as her 10Th birthday present by her parents, it's yellow gold with a pearl and the other is the Cameo I got last Christmas from my mum) they're great, very elegant for day to day but I'd like something with some oomph. Seeing as my men prospects are non-existent and regardless I don't want to rely on a man for things, I want to get this for myself. Something that I would normally never get, a total splurge. The first round of nominee's are all from Tiffany & Co.

First up is this lovely cushion cut Amethyst ring. On the side of the ring it's stamped/engraved with Tiffany & Co. It's $1350 and the only I haven't seen in person yet. It's kind of like one that I saw at another store (sadly this one though much better priced was in rose gold, pushing it out of the running) This is the downside to this ring. I know if I searched for it long enough, I could find a similar ring for much cheaper. Which is probably what I'll do.

Next up is from the Paloma Picasso's Sugar Stacks ring collection. These rings are meant to be worn together, or individually. At $1100 this is the least expensive of the three Tiffany rings I'm looking at. I also love the shape of the stone. It's so different than most contemporary cuts, it's almost like it's more authentic, but in a candy way. I really really like this ring, and I may get it anyways even if I do pick something else as my birthday present as say maybe a Valentine's day gift.

Last up is also from the Paloma Picasso's Sugar Stacks collection, but this one is a Rubellite stone instead. At $1700 this is the most expensive one of the lot, and also the one I'm leaning towards. My research into rubellites tells me that they're a type of Tourmaline, the only tourmaline's to get their own name (others are referred to by their colour) I think this would be a fabulous addition to my slowly growing collection, and I love that it's pink. Fuchsia even. You don't see many fuchsia rings out there and it's individuality are what draws me to it. It's more than what I wanted to spend, it's even the same price as the Chanel bag I originally wanted. But on the other hand, a ring will last much much longer than a purse. I'm still on the fence, and I'm not going to rush to purchase any of them. But hopefully with some mediation I will come to the decision and be happy with it.


HSM3 Part 2

This played before the Bolt Preview. Best sumarization of HSM ever :D It was great though I was a little drunk for it (What, it was a 9.50 showing... We had to kill time somehow) God, what good clean fun! Go see it if you can.



Happy HSM3 day y'all! (High School Musical 3) While I'm not going tonight, I am tomorrow. Whee! Secretly I think I'm a 12 year old girl inside.


Brody and LC

Probably one of the best commercials this year.

And my winter coat couldn't have come at a better time, it snowed yesterday. Woo!


Winter Coat!

My Coat came today! And it's Lovely! First off the wool is soft, comparable to my old Calvin Klein one which has been my best coat ever. Second this coat is HEAVY. Definitely going to be warmer than my old coat, I'm actually glad I didn't get the thinsulate because it makes this coat a better late fall, early spring coat too. The Colour is dead on and I love that the sleeves are lined in green, which the body is in grey. The collar is well stitched so it's stands up well. The pockets are a good size, even if the placement is a little off. I truly truly love this coat. I can't wait for it to get cold now!




So we all know I'm a total Franc-o-phile (and Anglo-phile while we're at it). I'm obsessed with their culture, and language. I've always wished I payed more attention in French classes when I was in school, so I've decided to take on teaching myself with books as much as possible. Hopefully I don't fail too much.



I may be a little late to the game, but seriously? I love the new Genius feature for Itunes. It makes me listen to songs I never got around to listening to. Now I just need a purple ipod to go with it, or maybe a pink one <3


Winter Coat Solution

Well, it's not as fancy as the other two, but it's cute, bright and cheerful. And I can always get a longer dressier coat later on in the season, plus this was 20% off. What do you all think? What colour scarf/gloves should I wear with this coat?



Going home for Thanksgiving! (Canadian Y'all) See you all Tuesday or Wednesday! I love extra extra long weekends (OMG more than one day off at a time? what is the world coming to???)



Winter Coat Conundrum

So unfortunately my favourite Calvin Klein pea coat that I've had for three years (I got it for $150 at winners) is done. The lining is shredded and it's not worth it to get it relined. Lets have a moment and sigh over my favourite coat.

Ok onto getting a new winter coat! As to the fact that is was 3 degrees Celsius this morning I think I need to step on it. Originally I was going to get the above coat. Had it ordered and everything, but then JCrew ran out and my order got cancelled. Tragic. Now I'm looking atthis one from Anthropologie (the Souris River Overcoat for those who aren't Canadian) But is it a little much? Clearly I'm madly in love with it. It's stunning. But is it too much? Should I go more plain? Or should I splurge on it and maybe pick up a cheaper plain pea coat for those days when I need to go incognito. Decisions Decisions...


When MSN is doling out Fashing Advice... RUN

This article makes me giggle. A lot. Clearly MSN.com is not where I should be getting my fashion advice from yes, but the fact that the author is so adamant about what fads need to go. Tres amusant. From Venetian Blind Sunglasses (did anyone other than Kayne West wear these? how are these a fad?) to Rubber Boots (I love my Wellies, they're so classic and fun, but only when it's raining) to him ranting about Nerd Chic. Ahem. Did you see the author picture at the top of the page? He should be celebrating that Nerd chic is in. Or maybe it's because it makes him look less original. Oh wait no ones going to mistake Sam Stilton for an original. He's a total Marc from Ugly Betty rip off. Clearly people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.




fiddling with the layout and colours of the blog, bear with me for a bit.




Just wanted to say thanks to the lovely girl who stopped me last night getting off the subway and complimented my glasses, jacket and purse. You totally made my night, and I hope you have as much luck finding glasses as I do :)


Turkish Delight

One of my regrets from my trip is only buying one box of Marks and Spencer's Turkish Delight. Clearly Edmund was onto something when he gave up his family for these lovely treats. Well maybe they're not betray your family good but still. They're yummy. Thankfully I've discovered the site Britgrocer.com which helps us poor Canadians (who are still part of the Commonwealth and clearly we should get everything the Brits do in the UK) ships such lovelies for my delight. Yum. Maybe I'll get a couple of packets of prawn crisps while I'm at it.

Edit: On closer inspection, it's a wholesale website. Woe, anyone in the UK want to help an anglophile out?