Chanel? No!

So no luck on the Chanel front. I drive an hour to get to the store only to a) have forgotten my prescription which is fine because the guy takes one look at my lenses and is all like 'nope, your eyesight is too poor you can't get these frames.' Enter super bitchy Alysia who really really wants her new sunglasses but can't have them. (Apparently my prescription flattens the lens out too much) Oh well I go back home and grab my prescription to get my new Versace glasses, and while I'm there I spot some nice Burberry ones as well. Heart! and they fit my prescription! Therefore when my benefits go into effect in October I'm grabbing my mums CAA card (you get a discount) and splurging on these baby's. The Versace's are totally my sexy librarian glasses. Now I have a sporty pair(my rimless adidas pair), a intellectual pair(my black ones) an artistic pair(my purple furla ones) and my sexy librarians. Last year I got three pair of glasses, as long as I'm under that right? I mean I wear them everyday.



Instead of dropping way to much money on a Chanel purse, I'm going to take advantage of Lenscrafters unbeatable event and get a pair of Chanel sunglasses instead (they pay for your lenses with the purchase of a frame) as I've wanted a new pair of sunglasses since last summer, I figure now is the time to buy. Will report back on weather or not I find the perfect pair.


Spotting Envy

I love this piece. I've loved it since I spotted it in the J-Crew catalog 3 days ago. Except its $260, it's not warm, and it has bracelet length sleeves. My practical side (which also recently talked me out of getting a cocktail dress with feathers around the bottom) notices that this isn't entirely the best mix for Canadian weather. My side that thinks she's BFFS with Tinsley Mortimer goes gimegimegime. For now practical side has beaten faux-socialite side into submission. For now.


London Day One

In Fortnum and Mason looking at tea.

In a bookstore that's been around since the 1800's, down the street from Fortnum and Mason.

The window display at Fortnum and Mason
We got in at 10am and took the train into Saint Pancreas stations where we grabbed a cab to our Hotel (Tavistock Hotel on Tavistock square) and thankfully where able to check in. We chilled for a bit before I dragged my very grumpy very groggy mother on a trek to find Oxford Circus (supposedly 10 minutes away... it takes us 45 minutes because we get lost) and wander down regent street. We don't do much shopping but we do stop at Fortnum and Mason for tea before heading back to the hotel to grab some very icky food in the bar there before passing out at 8pm.


New Goals

My new goal in shopping is to try and think like a curator, buying slowly and only one piece at a time. That piece has to be fabulous, and well chosen. It's hard when being constantly bombarded by ads and my urge for 'new' items, but I'm slowly working towards it. In then end I want a totally unique totally me wardrobe.



A big old congratulations to Fifi Lapin for her mention in Australian Vogue and Vogue Girl Korea! What a fantastic thing to have happen. To those unfamiliar with the website, Fifi Lapin is a rabbit who dresses up. You get to see all of her lovely outfits (and buy prints in the etsy shop) Go check her out today!



How do you survive and have a life outside of work, when you have to get up at 4.30 am every morning? How do you keep from being exhausted all the time?
Related but separate how do you get rid of really bad bags under your eyes?

This whole working all summer is killing my complexion and social life.


Ask Mrs. Exeter

One of the advantages of being over 30 is that ideally one has gotten through her must-have trendy shopping phase, where little can be worn the next season without looking dated, and now you are building a wardrobe, investing in quality basics, good accessories, and great jewlery.

Vogue September 2008, p. 582


Rumour Has It

So after three years with the same crappy phone I finally was out of my contract and could get a 'cool' phone. I went with the LG rumour and with it's slick little keyboard I've been texting like a fiend (fact: in the first week I had it I sent over 200 texts) Now I could have gone with the iPhone or a Blackberry but I really didn't need the special features. And now I'm only locked in for a year I can just change it later if it doesn't work out.



Beauty Tricks

one of my fav new things to do makeup wise this summer is to use all those MAC eyeshadows I bought in one of my MAC obsessed hazes as eyeliners. I take my 168 Angled eyeliner brush and voila! Smooth, thin line (I have issues with pencils making me look like I have raccoon eyes) and it stays all day. It also doesn't pull on my eyelid as much as using a pencil does which is great. And I have so many colours I'll never need to buy eyeliner again! Anyone have any little tips and tricks they can't live without?


To take the plunge? or not?

I've loved the Chanel bags for a few years now and I'm debating on taking the plunge this fall and splurging on one. I'm petrified of the prices (omg $2000+ on a PURSE?!) and yet this may be my last big splurge on a purse for a few years (graduating and all therefore less disposable income) Should I do it? And how much do they really cost? Because finding the Canadian cost is a biatch. Can I justify it? Really? I've never spent this much money on one thing ever. I'm a little scared. Any opinions? Oh yeah and I'm back for the school year at least.