Faux Real

Yesterday I was a little impulsive. I went into Holts to smell Chanel #19 and Coco, and saw this. The Marc by Marc Faux Real tote. Its massive, light weight and adorable. And the price? at $118 on shopbop, defiantly a good deal for a Marc by Marc (all the other ones I looked at where around the $500+ range) I can't wait to travel with it.



Well I survived the TTC strike no worse for wear. A little cranky on Saturday morning when I realised at 7am that there was no TTC and I had to be at work for 8:30. Thankfully my boss is awesome and comped us all of our cab fares otherwise I wouldn't have made it in. I feel horrible for all the poor people getting kicked off of transit at midnight on Friday night, and I feel bad for the front line workers who had no choice in the matter. I worry people will harass them and really it's not their choice. Hopefully it gets deemed an essential service so we won't have to deal with strikes anymore.
In other news I'm going to attempt to make bread tonight/tomorrow. Hopefully it turns out.



The newest addition to my collection, J-Crew's Cupcake Cardigan. Not only is the name adorable, but the description is too!
A classic schoolgirl cardigan sweetened up with delicate cotton-lawn 'icing'
And to make everyone happy free shipping until 5/10 with the code IAP-179 (Make sure to include the dash)
Ahhh another grey cashmere sweater. Obsession? What obsession?



I always liked the idea of scarves, very chic very french. However I never seem to be able to get them to look right with my outfits. Maybe when I'm in Paris this summer I'll learn how. Until then I'll just keep collecting them. Any tips on how to make square scarves not look silly?


Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez on GMA

If you haven't at least looked at the book I highly recommend you do. Its interesting to read about the different fragrances and their perceptions.


Bring on the Drama

Gossip Girl is back! And oh how great it is. Last nights episode was fantastic! Full of Drama with a capitol D (or B if you want) Poor Blair, to get shown up by Jenny. And was that Yogurt trick really necessary? Seriously? And taking little J back after STEALING. My god. In my books she would have been permanently blacklisted. Can't wait for next weeks episode, Georgiana appears.


A little bit OCD

I've started keeping an excel spreadsheet with all the perfume samples I have to help me keep track of what I like. Organised by Brand, then name I give each one a rating out of 5 whether I would wear it again, where to get it, if I would purchase it and any notes I have on the perfume. Does anyone else do things like this? Or am I the only one?

A Lack of Segue

So its summer outside now. Or at least it has been for the past week. We go from negative weather to 25 and sunny. One is never quite sure what to wear. What happened to spring? to cute coats? I don't even have any summer clothing here! So much for slowly getting used to not freezing every time I step outside. But who's complaining after the winter we just had? I'll just wear skirts everyday.


Everyone's A Critic

Just finished reading the NYT article on perfume criticisms and the web and the effect its having on the perfume industry. They mention the authors of the new Perfume: A Guide book, Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez. While some companies are of the mind 'Writing about perfumes is like dancing about architecture' most are slowly getting used to the idea that blogs and bloggers are going to keep writing about their products.
Article can be found here


Can't live without it

Meet Bob. Bob is a 5 in 1 clock that works as an alarm clock, a timer, tells you what day it is and what the temperature is. The screen also changes colour. My mum brought this back for me from her trip to NYC and at first I was a little meh towards it. Now I can't live without it. Its my alarm clock, it lets me know when I need to crack a window in my apartment and tells me the date. Its also great for travel. Bob is definitely the little man in my life.
Get your Bob at Brookstone

Am going home for a super long weekend tomorrow, so I'll be back on Monday with posts.


I've been thinking a lot about manners lately. Working where I do provides you with a really good look at peoples nastier sides, even the employee's. But regardless there are just somethings that are just plain too rude to ask about, or so I thought. A Co-worker asked me what my GPA is and I was slightly stunned. Talking about grades seems so wrong unless your really close to the person and even then I'd still hesitate to ask how someone did. It's not like this person has any classes with me (we go to different universities) so there's not really much reason for her to be asking me about my grades. Am I being overly sensitive? To me it's like asking someone how much they make, just bad taste.


Paris Je T'taime

So behind my back my mum has been busy at work booking our trip to London. Only she surprised me because not only are we going to London... we're going to Paris! We have 3.5 days in London and 2.5 days in Paris and I don't know how I'm going to fit everything in! I have to go to Hampton Court, The Tower of London, the Globe Theatre to see a play, Fortnam and Mason for high tea and go shopping. Then in Paris I have to go the Louvre, Versailles, Mariage Freres to buy tea and shopping. I think I might need a vacation from my vacation but who cares!

Anyone been to Paris? Anything I MUST check out? Really good shopping areas? I guess this means the clothing diet is back on.


Blood Red Snow White

Very rarely do books excite me nowadays. I still enjoy reading, but there are so many sub-par works out there and wading through them sometimes gets me down. I've found a real gem though, Blood Red Snow White by Marcus Sedgwick. Don't be fooled by it being in the teen section, this book is fantastic. It was recommended by my fellow literary junkie Suzie and it's about the Russian Revolution. But it's told in the way that a fairy tale is told, full of fantastic terrors and a character who weaves through the stories. Read this book and tell me what you think, I promise you it's fantastic.

Free Shipping at J - Crew

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Grey's Anatomy Returns!

I love Grey's, it's one of my favourite shows. I can't wait for it to come back on. I love the whole Christina 'Dance it Out' bit, and in the same scene 'dancing makes you brave' because it's so true. Anyone else dance around like crazy? Also the song is pocket full of sunshine which is lovely.

Free Shipping at J - Crew

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As it's pouring rain out today I thought I'd post about wellies. Wellies are everywhere lately and they come in such cute bright colours. These ones from J. Crew are on sale for $39.99 If you hate your feet getting wet when it rains, I highly recommend getting a pair. Just make sure they're bright! I have ones that are a great lime green colour and I never fail to get compliments whenever I wear them.


Miley Cyrus

I read on another blog today that Miley Cyrus's performance on Idol Gives back was shocking and lewd. I went onto good old you tube to check out the clip and really? this is shocking? I find that the media sensationalizes these poor young Disney stars so that when they do something even remotely slightly risque people immediately start calling them whores/sluts/etc. These girls are 15-17, they're just doing what normal young girls do, which is try to act older and making mistakes. The media needs to step back and realise that these girls underneath the fame are just normal teenage girls. Perezhilton.com called Miley a slut for wearing a completely innocent outfit, a mid thigh dress with flat knee high boots. He likened the boots to Pretty Woman boots. It's this kind of attitude that destroys these young girls careers. They should be allowed to grow up and make mistakes and not have it broad casted to the rest of the world.

perezehilton.com post here.


Free Shipping at J - Crew

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How much would you love carrying this little tote around to get your groceries? from Rootote, a Japanese company it's the answer to ugly reusable shopping bags. They come in a ton of designs, and range from $15-$30 on yesstyle.com Being green can be cute.

Now in Canada

BergdorfGooman.com is now shipping to Canada. A little behind the 8 ball are we? At least they finally got around to it.


Little Pink Raincoat

My favourite types of fashion books are not the what-not-to-wear type books that tell you that you need the ten classics (which never change from book to book) it's the quirky essay style books like Alligators, Old Mink and New Money. I was excited to see Men May Come and Men May go But I've still go t my Little Pink Raincoat I dove into it and finished it this morning. And while it was cute sometimes, I felt it was sorely misplaced in the Fashion section at Indigo. It's really a book about all the men in Gigi Anders life. And there are a lot. It gets a little tedious when she keeps buying items to try and convince the man she's with to marry her. Some parts I did enjoy, pretty much any part without the men in it. Like the chapters Coco, which talked about her love of perfume and her French friend who worked at the perfume counter. Or Tank where she's living in Paris and is obsessed with the Tank Cartier watches. But all in all it's a somewhat lackluster addition to the 'fashion essay book' genre.


Coach Shimmer Powder

This compact from Coach makes me giggle at the slightly ludicrousness of how much companies are trying to expand their markets. Whatever happened to sticking with what you know?


Re: Clothing Diet

So I think I'm not going to last on this clothing diet. Or at least not start it right away. Because as it turns out, I'm most likely not going to London (WOE, big fight with my mum and tears and all that jazz that I just don't want to talk about because every time I start I just end up wanting cry again because OMG WILL I NEVER SEE WHERE GUILDFORD DUDLEY CARVED JANE GREY'S NAME IN THE TOWER OF LONDON??? and yeah) So I've decided that since I don't need to buy a Metro pass next month (to do with the fact that I'll probably use it maybe 2-4 times) I'm going to buy myself the chocolate cashmere j-crew sweater I want to cheer myself up. And so I'm not totally selfish and self-centred I'm also getting my mum an espresso maker for her b-day. Because I rock.


Clothing Diet

Before anyone gets the preconceived notion that a)I am rich and b)I have a lot of money to spend let me just say this. a) I work part time at Starbucks b) I'm in University full time c) My credit card bill is huge. Yes I constantly drool over bags that cost almost as much as my rent and recently indulged in some very bad for my credit J-Crew shopping. And I need to stop. I'll admit, I have a shopping problem. In 2007 alone I bought 3 purses in the $500 range, a new pair of glasses, and countless other crazy things that I really didn't need to buy. In 2008 I've raised my credit limit (yet again) and blown it on sweaters. As I typed up my summer budget yesterday I realised I was somewhat screwed. I'll have enough for my courses next year as always, but I wont have made much of a dent in my visa and I wont have nearly as much money as I was hoping for to take to London. Therefore I've decided to go on a clothing diet. No new clothing is allowed to come into my closet until Mid/Late June (because I'm going to London and I do need to buy some new things for it) It's going to be hard. Really hard. On my walk to the subway everyday there is a Joe Fresh, great for cheap cute things. I work/go to school in my favourite shopping area Bloor Street West. My Starbucks is in an Indigo. But I will prevail. I hope.



Take an extra 30% off all final sale items until April 4Th, no coupon code needed.

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Good Cashmere

to counteract the woe is me-ness that I blogged about earlier today, I have exciting news. My first ever J-Crew order arrived today and I just have to say it's everything I hoped it would be and more! Now I know people are all thinking I'm crazy, but folks. Seriously. I got the merino sweater with the ruffle collar I blogged about a couple of days ago and the Grey Argyle cashmere sweater. This is what cashmere should feel like. Soft and lightweight. But the real winner in my eyes is the merino. Oh. My. Gosh. It's soft, its super light and it's less than half the price of the cashmere. I am in blissful woolly heaven. My only complaint? They don't have enough styles in the merino. I can't wait to buy more from J-crew, not only are their phone people super nice (she added a 20% discount AFTER I had placed my order when I found the online coupon) but the shipping is fast and reasonable. I ordered these on the 26Th and they say 10-12 business days. This came in FOUR business days. Hurrah J-Crew, you have a life long shopper in me.

Bad Cashmere

I was having a tough day yesterday and so I thought I would indulge in a little retail therapy. I'm thinking a sweater, cashmere would be nice but I'd settle for some merino at this time of year. Nothing in Banana Republic, nothing in United Colours of Bennaton (to be fair they where reorganising) or Mendocino (do all stores reorganize on the same day?) and then I get to Club Monaco. They have a Cotton-Cashmere sweater for the very reasonable price of $79. Great! except... it's paper thin. As in, thinner than my t-shirts. And I can just see it already starting to sag because sadly the content is something like 80% cotton, some man made fibre and 5% cashmere. Sad face. But look! a nice 100% cashmere sweater! Its got gold buttons which are really snazzy. It feels a little rough when I pick it up, but I'm sure once I get it on it won't feel too bad. Wrong. This cashmere is the roughest most horrible sweater ever. I've had WOOL that is softer than this. This sweater does not come cheap either, at $179. Disappointed and still having a bad day (now worse) I do the only thing a gal can do in this situation. I buy chocolate.

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey aka Doctor Derek Sheppard aka McDreamy is set to release a new fragrance from Avon this fall. I wonder what it'll smell like, surgical gloves and Meredith's Lavender conditioner?