Chanel? No!

So no luck on the Chanel front. I drive an hour to get to the store only to a) have forgotten my prescription which is fine because the guy takes one look at my lenses and is all like 'nope, your eyesight is too poor you can't get these frames.' Enter super bitchy Alysia who really really wants her new sunglasses but can't have them. (Apparently my prescription flattens the lens out too much) Oh well I go back home and grab my prescription to get my new Versace glasses, and while I'm there I spot some nice Burberry ones as well. Heart! and they fit my prescription! Therefore when my benefits go into effect in October I'm grabbing my mums CAA card (you get a discount) and splurging on these baby's. The Versace's are totally my sexy librarian glasses. Now I have a sporty pair(my rimless adidas pair), a intellectual pair(my black ones) an artistic pair(my purple furla ones) and my sexy librarians. Last year I got three pair of glasses, as long as I'm under that right? I mean I wear them everyday.


  1. I wore glasses for about a year in middle school, then begged my mom to let me get contacts and I've had those since. But sometimes I wish I did wear glasses ... just so I could get sexy librarian ones.

  2. I've come to love my glasses and see them as an acessory. I mean I wear them everyday, and you wouldn't wear the same shirt everyday so owning four pairs of glasses really isn't excessive in the least :D

  3. I had never thought of glasses as an accessory, and thus needing more than one pair to coordinate with outfits. I mean, I do it with shoes and purses, so I don't think there's anything wrong with that. (Then again, given that I *am* someone that does it with more traditional accessories, I'm probably a bit biased :-P)