Cheap Thrills

I'm obsessed with lush, there I said it. I blame Nechama, she led me down this path of smelling good. My small splurge of the week other than my usual moisturizer and massage bar purchases was a solid perfume by the name of Vanillary, from the new Vanilla line lush just launched. From the lush website;
Pleasure in a little pot. A tiny tin of Vanillary is sustaining us through the dark dull days and it’ll be even better in the long, light days too. It’s not just vanilla, although the scent of cake shops and trays of toffee do spring to mind as soon as you smell it. There is a strand of sensual jasmine woven into the sweeter notes. Carry it around for an instant uplift.

It's like a warm vanilla blanket, it's definitely helped brighten my days.

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  1. I love Lush! :-P Sounds like an interesting perfume, I'm still in love with my silky underwear one though, it just smells so good! And it changes scent too, an hour after I put it on, I smell like malibu. Win!