The problem with watching 3.75 seasons of How I met your Mother in two weeks is that, while hilariously funny and my NPH crush has grown, it makes me look at my wardrobe with sad puppy dog eyes. TV shows set up an unrealistic expectation that we will have something new and interesting to wear everyday. TV shows also make me think I should wear dresses everyday, and oh how much better and more fun my life would be with a plethora of fun cute summer dresses in my closet! Which leads me to do stupid things like order this from shopbop;

On the plus side it's totally work appropriate (with a cardigan or blazer) but I did fall off my 'no new items in the closet until you graduate' plan.

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  1. Oh dear, :-P
    I know about the NPH thing, he's just too cute and he can sing! Reminds me, you so need to see Dr Horrible's sing along blog. Buy the DVD is you can and watch the show, the show with commentary, and the show with musical commentary. Then, and only then will your life be complete!