Book Bags

Every year at back to school time I buy myself a bag for my birthday. This year I'm dying for a new book bag. Coach has some reasonable ones that I've been eyeing.
First up is the Signature Stripe Tote in Brass/Khaki/Mahogany

It's a nice simple tote that's the least expensive ($268) of the two I'm eying. It matches my signature hobo perfectly as well. But it's also kind of plain and boring.

Next up is one I adore. Nay I love it obsess about it and dream about it. It's the coach legacy leather slim tote.

The price scares me a little, OK a lot. At $478 US this baby doesn't come cheap for a poor college students budget. But it's pretty. And leather. and it's not matchy matchy with my other stuff, but still coordinates with my chocolate leather coat and my black winter pea coat. I haven't seen it in person so I don't know if it's big enough for my laptop but even if it's not, I never bring my laptop to class.

Really it all comes down to how much money I have after buying my textbooks, but here's hoping it's enough for the legacy.


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  1. I have both of these bags && they are AMAZING. I worked for COACH for a while. Not a good idea if you need extra money because almost every cent went right back to them lol.

    If you have a smaller laptop you'd have no problem with it fitting. A regular sized one would fit, but it sticks out some.