Packing: Shoes

Even though I won't be jetting off anywhere this summer a lot of people will. For the next few posts I'll be talking about what to pack when going on vacation, starting with shoes.

For any warm weathered location you need sandals. I abhor flip flops, though they do pack small. Here are some equally easy to pack alternatives.

I have a pair similar to these Micheal by Micheal Kors flats (same brand but with a chain attaching the two leather strips) They are ridiculously comfortable, are easy to dress up or down and pack flat.

Here are another nice pair of flats by Bottega Veneta. I love the swirly almost Celtic look of the top, and while similar to flip flops they are infinitely classier.

If your not spending all your time at the beach, or want something with more support these Marc by Marc Jacobs ballet flats are a great edition to you suitcase. Especially if your going somewhere with dress codes (IE Vatican City) these are comfortable enough to walk around all day in but dressy enough that they will actually let you in!

Another Marc By Marc pair, but these are a little more dressy. If you hate heels as much as I do (anything over 1" and I'm wobbling like a dreidel on it's last legs) these are a great alternative. The metallic colour makes them sophisticated enough to wear to any formal event you might be attending.

If you can walk in heels (I commend you, all the lovely platforms last fall broke my heart) try to make sure that they're neutral so they can go with the widest variety of outfits. But plain pumps are boring so try to get a pair with an interesting detail, like these gorgeous Christian Louboutin pumps with bows.

These Christian Louboutin for L'Wren Scott peep toes are my favourites out of all the shoes shown here. The Rosette makes them stand out but they're neutral enough to pair with almost anything. If I wasn't afraid of breaking my leg trying to walk in the 7cm high spindly heels these would be in my closet.

A good general rule for packing shoes: Pack a dressy pair, and two you can walk in. There is nothing more annoying then getting someplace with only one pair of walking shoes and after a couple of days the blisters from wearing them so much cause you to stay in. Try and keep it varied.



  1. The Marc by Marc pair are adorable. I would love those.

  2. sorry it took me so long to respond! They're on sale now at net-a-porter. I am dying because I've spent my fall budget, and shipping is so much to Canada.

  3. fantastic shoe models....i never found this model shoes...i have only few casual nike shoes....which i wear it regularly