Celebrity Clothing Lines: Bitten

I was so excited to hear that SJP was releasing a clothing line. I love SJP. (I even lined up at 8am to meet her at 1pm when she released her fragrance, Lovely) I watched the segment on Oprah and was hopeful (the hounds tooth coat was lovely) However after reading this article on fashion wire daily I'm a little concerned.

"Refusing to give interviews at Wednesday night's launch in New York was probably a wise decision on the part of Sarah Jessica Parker and her publicist. As it turns out, there's not much to say about this bland line of mismatched basics. Case in point: a tailored waistcoat paired with knickers made out of sweatshirt material shows clear evidence of fashion schizophrenia."

here are a few picks from the website Bitten
hopefully when I make the trek to Michigan it will have been worth it.


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