Do you ever...

feel guilty about how much you spend on clothing/purses/ect? I know I do sometimes. Not in the OMG I just spent how much?!! way in the awkward when someone asks you where you got something or how much something was. Because I work part time at Starbucks I work with a huge range of people, and I know not everyone can afford to shop like me. I'm blessed, my mum had a great job and I work my ass off to pay for the things I want. But somehow even though I pay for all my extravagances myself I still feel guilty when talking to people who wouldn't dream of spending that much. Does anyone else feel this way?


  1. hm.. well for you it's clothes, for me it's traveling. Everyone just has their 'thing'. As much as I would love to have your Michael Kors blouse and your shoes.. I know I couldn't do both.

  2. Thank you! People always look at me crazy when I justify myself by saying 'well I don't go out to clubs and spend $100+ in one night so I canhave my clothing'
    You chose what you spend your money on :)
    And I love your photography! My favs are the dog (first picture in the poland area) and I think it's the virgin praying, but it's a statue and it's it the sixth in the poland file. You're very talented :)