The Lending Conundrum

How do you deal with lending? My sisters been staying at my mums for a bit while her and her hubby wait for their new house to be built (He's been staying at my place in the city). While it hasn't been bad I've been getting a little irritated by the fact that she waltzes into my closet and borrows whatever she wants. From my new BCBG skirt, to my Michael Kors Blouse to my cloth Coach shoes which I just picked up off the floor and are all scuff marked. She's now asking me to borrow $500 so she can buy her desk for her new house. She's been really good at paying people back lately so that’s not the issue. The issue is I want to get my new sunglasses so I told her I'd see about lending her the money. There is a sale on right now at lenscrafters and if I can get them cheaper than I normally would with my 30% CAA discount I'm obviously going to get them, right? Seems sensible, as her sale lasts until next week anyways and mine ends this weekend.
She's 27 and she threw a hissy fit last night because I said maybe. Now I don't want to lend her money period. I'm doing her a favour, giving up some of my sparse income to help her out and she's freaking out? She's 27 and I'm 22. This seems a little odd to me. Sorry for ranting but I'm trying not to freak out at her right now.

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