Winter Coat Conundrum

So unfortunately my favourite Calvin Klein pea coat that I've had for three years (I got it for $150 at winners) is done. The lining is shredded and it's not worth it to get it relined. Lets have a moment and sigh over my favourite coat.

Ok onto getting a new winter coat! As to the fact that is was 3 degrees Celsius this morning I think I need to step on it. Originally I was going to get the above coat. Had it ordered and everything, but then JCrew ran out and my order got cancelled. Tragic. Now I'm looking atthis one from Anthropologie (the Souris River Overcoat for those who aren't Canadian) But is it a little much? Clearly I'm madly in love with it. It's stunning. But is it too much? Should I go more plain? Or should I splurge on it and maybe pick up a cheaper plain pea coat for those days when I need to go incognito. Decisions Decisions...

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