When MSN is doling out Fashing Advice... RUN

This article makes me giggle. A lot. Clearly MSN.com is not where I should be getting my fashion advice from yes, but the fact that the author is so adamant about what fads need to go. Tres amusant. From Venetian Blind Sunglasses (did anyone other than Kayne West wear these? how are these a fad?) to Rubber Boots (I love my Wellies, they're so classic and fun, but only when it's raining) to him ranting about Nerd Chic. Ahem. Did you see the author picture at the top of the page? He should be celebrating that Nerd chic is in. Or maybe it's because it makes him look less original. Oh wait no ones going to mistake Sam Stilton for an original. He's a total Marc from Ugly Betty rip off. Clearly people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


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