Belated Birthday

So even though my birthday was back in September I was in such a funk I didn't really get myself anything, except my glasses. With the ecconomy in the state it is I really want to even more buy peices that will stand the test of time. I'd like to expand my jewelry collection a bit. I love love love rings. I wear two everyday (One is the one my mum was given as her 10Th birthday present by her parents, it's yellow gold with a pearl and the other is the Cameo I got last Christmas from my mum) they're great, very elegant for day to day but I'd like something with some oomph. Seeing as my men prospects are non-existent and regardless I don't want to rely on a man for things, I want to get this for myself. Something that I would normally never get, a total splurge. The first round of nominee's are all from Tiffany & Co.

First up is this lovely cushion cut Amethyst ring. On the side of the ring it's stamped/engraved with Tiffany & Co. It's $1350 and the only I haven't seen in person yet. It's kind of like one that I saw at another store (sadly this one though much better priced was in rose gold, pushing it out of the running) This is the downside to this ring. I know if I searched for it long enough, I could find a similar ring for much cheaper. Which is probably what I'll do.

Next up is from the Paloma Picasso's Sugar Stacks ring collection. These rings are meant to be worn together, or individually. At $1100 this is the least expensive of the three Tiffany rings I'm looking at. I also love the shape of the stone. It's so different than most contemporary cuts, it's almost like it's more authentic, but in a candy way. I really really like this ring, and I may get it anyways even if I do pick something else as my birthday present as say maybe a Valentine's day gift.

Last up is also from the Paloma Picasso's Sugar Stacks collection, but this one is a Rubellite stone instead. At $1700 this is the most expensive one of the lot, and also the one I'm leaning towards. My research into rubellites tells me that they're a type of Tourmaline, the only tourmaline's to get their own name (others are referred to by their colour) I think this would be a fabulous addition to my slowly growing collection, and I love that it's pink. Fuchsia even. You don't see many fuchsia rings out there and it's individuality are what draws me to it. It's more than what I wanted to spend, it's even the same price as the Chanel bag I originally wanted. But on the other hand, a ring will last much much longer than a purse. I'm still on the fence, and I'm not going to rush to purchase any of them. But hopefully with some mediation I will come to the decision and be happy with it.

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