Perfume and Cashmere

Last Friday I finally tracked down a shop in Toronto that sells L'Artisan perfumes and purchased my much coveted bottle of Dzing! The shop, Noor Boutique is very lovely, the girl who helped me was very helpful, even supplying me with multiple samples of what she thought I might like based on what I already did like. I'm currently in LOVE with L'artisan's Mechant Loup (the Big Bad Wolf) which is going to be my next perfume splurge.
I also picked up a lovely dark grey (shocking) cashmere cardigan (even more shocking I know, my wardrobe is just full of surprises) and guess what? its v-neck! Why I'm such a rebel. But it is long and it was only $89 and it wasn't from Jcrew, it's from Zara. It's my new fav as I've worn it every day.


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  1. Would it be wrong to wear a perfume based on it's name alone? 'Cause I would totally do that with the Big Bad Wolf. (Not that I need any more perfume, but when has that ever stopped me?)