Little Pink Raincoat

My favourite types of fashion books are not the what-not-to-wear type books that tell you that you need the ten classics (which never change from book to book) it's the quirky essay style books like Alligators, Old Mink and New Money. I was excited to see Men May Come and Men May go But I've still go t my Little Pink Raincoat I dove into it and finished it this morning. And while it was cute sometimes, I felt it was sorely misplaced in the Fashion section at Indigo. It's really a book about all the men in Gigi Anders life. And there are a lot. It gets a little tedious when she keeps buying items to try and convince the man she's with to marry her. Some parts I did enjoy, pretty much any part without the men in it. Like the chapters Coco, which talked about her love of perfume and her French friend who worked at the perfume counter. Or Tank where she's living in Paris and is obsessed with the Tank Cartier watches. But all in all it's a somewhat lackluster addition to the 'fashion essay book' genre.

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