Miley Cyrus

I read on another blog today that Miley Cyrus's performance on Idol Gives back was shocking and lewd. I went onto good old you tube to check out the clip and really? this is shocking? I find that the media sensationalizes these poor young Disney stars so that when they do something even remotely slightly risque people immediately start calling them whores/sluts/etc. These girls are 15-17, they're just doing what normal young girls do, which is try to act older and making mistakes. The media needs to step back and realise that these girls underneath the fame are just normal teenage girls. Perezhilton.com called Miley a slut for wearing a completely innocent outfit, a mid thigh dress with flat knee high boots. He likened the boots to Pretty Woman boots. It's this kind of attitude that destroys these young girls careers. They should be allowed to grow up and make mistakes and not have it broad casted to the rest of the world.

perezehilton.com post here.

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