Re: Clothing Diet

So I think I'm not going to last on this clothing diet. Or at least not start it right away. Because as it turns out, I'm most likely not going to London (WOE, big fight with my mum and tears and all that jazz that I just don't want to talk about because every time I start I just end up wanting cry again because OMG WILL I NEVER SEE WHERE GUILDFORD DUDLEY CARVED JANE GREY'S NAME IN THE TOWER OF LONDON??? and yeah) So I've decided that since I don't need to buy a Metro pass next month (to do with the fact that I'll probably use it maybe 2-4 times) I'm going to buy myself the chocolate cashmere j-crew sweater I want to cheer myself up. And so I'm not totally selfish and self-centred I'm also getting my mum an espresso maker for her b-day. Because I rock.


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  2. you should post pictures on your blog! i'm a canadian too :)

  3. I do its just most of the stuff I've been posting about lately need no pictures/aren't about a specific product. :)