Bad Cashmere

I was having a tough day yesterday and so I thought I would indulge in a little retail therapy. I'm thinking a sweater, cashmere would be nice but I'd settle for some merino at this time of year. Nothing in Banana Republic, nothing in United Colours of Bennaton (to be fair they where reorganising) or Mendocino (do all stores reorganize on the same day?) and then I get to Club Monaco. They have a Cotton-Cashmere sweater for the very reasonable price of $79. Great! except... it's paper thin. As in, thinner than my t-shirts. And I can just see it already starting to sag because sadly the content is something like 80% cotton, some man made fibre and 5% cashmere. Sad face. But look! a nice 100% cashmere sweater! Its got gold buttons which are really snazzy. It feels a little rough when I pick it up, but I'm sure once I get it on it won't feel too bad. Wrong. This cashmere is the roughest most horrible sweater ever. I've had WOOL that is softer than this. This sweater does not come cheap either, at $179. Disappointed and still having a bad day (now worse) I do the only thing a gal can do in this situation. I buy chocolate.

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