On Collecting

I am not new to the collecting circle, I've more or less been collecting all my life. First Grand Champion Ponies and Pony Club books, then swords for a short period of time(it was my tomboy stage) and so on and so forth. I've always loved jewellery, have never been without at least one piece on me at all times. I love looking through my mothers jewellery boxes and asking her about the story behind each piece. I just did a google search about jewellery collecting and all that came up where either shops selling their collections or advice on how to make the most profit from your collection. This saddens me, as why would you bother collecting something if only for a profit?
For me collecting is a labour of love, not of profit. I never think of the resale value of any of the pieces I add to my various collections from Jewellery to Books. I don't intend to sell them, hopefully down the road I'll have a child or a niece or nephew who will take an interest in my collection as I have with my mothers.
For once I'd just like to find a site that talks about the love of collecting, not the profit.

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