It's a lovely spring day, sun in shining and it's above freezing, I should be jubilant right? Somehow between end of school, work and travel I've managed to run my body into the ground. I've been eating like crap for the past far too long and my energy levels have taken a nose dive. The only problem is, with school and work I have no time to cook healthy meals. The alternative of eating healthy meals out is a no go because my finances are sadly lacking due to the aforementioned traveling. On the plus side my skin did stop freaking out about constantly changing the water softness through travel (seriously scaly legs once I get NYC) any tips of energy boosts that a) don't involve caffeine or drugs and b) don't take up a ton of time?
In the meantime I'll be watching season four of How I met your Mother. <3

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  1. Wooooooo! How I Met Your Mother is fantastic.

    Ummmm, make a salad once in a while, quick, fast, and nommy in addition to crap food makes you feel better and try getting a decent amount of sleep in the evening, not the morning. Really truly, it does help!
    yeah, my skin is still on the freak out from different water levels, it just won't calm down! I think I might buy some of those funky face cleaning pads.