Temple St. Clair

This is the Peridot Bombe ring, and my god what a statement piece.
While in NYC two thing happened, While at the Strand I came across this book entitled Alchemy, by Temple St. Clair all about her jewellery collections and her inspiration. As I had no idea who she was even though I thought the book was lovely I passed (that and I had a ton of book already and a long walk ahead of me) Then when I went to Saks to get my skirt, I popped into the jewellery department and lo and behold, there was Temple St. Clair. Needless to say I fell in love. Except with the prices (one ring was $9000, I almost has a heart attack) Until I can afford her lovely work (which will be a miracle if it happens) I'll just stalk her web page and buy her book.

This ring I saw in Ruballite and I like it with the bright pink stone so much better. So pretty and simple a setting though, it reminds me of the Jewellery the women I met from Bangladesh wore.

These rock crystal pendants are what she's known for. This one is actually quite reasonable at $400, whereas all the others are in the $1000+ range.

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