War & Peace

War and Peace is a sweeping epic and was my first Project Well Read novel of the year. I received my copy from my sister for Christmas, a lovely Everyman's Library edition split into three volumes. I chose this edition for portability. I started it on Christmas day and finished it on the 29Th of January. In the beginning I was slightly spoiled by the fact that my manager had given away that Prince Andrew dies, so I tried not to form an attachment to him which in the beginning turned out to be easy. He seemed so cold and reserved compared to the brash Nicolas Rostov and the bumbling Pierre. But as it wore on I understood my managers childhood crush on the dashing Prince Andrew who runs into battle and falls passionately in love with Natasha. I think I need to reread this work in order to fully appreciate it, its so large and long and there is so much going on that one reading hardly does it justice. Maybe I'll reread it in a year and see how my perspective changes.

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