in defense of fluff

So I recently greatly enjoyed two movies that critics hated and it got me thinking, what is so wrong with fluffy feel good movies? I know Confessions of a Shopaholic may be a little inappropriate given the current economic climate, but consider that this is a BESTSELLING novel and was filmed over a year ago. Sure it's somewhat horrifying to think of all that debt (Although, $16 000 in debt is actually not a lot, if you factor in what most people have in student loans, mortgages, ect) but why do people get so offended by a movie? It doesn't touch on religion, politics, animal rights or any other hot button topic. So why is it so controversial?
Another movie to come under attack is He's Just not that into You. Many feminists claim it's a horrible example, but really whats so wrong with it? Sure at first I was sceptical (a movie based on a book based on a quote from Sex and the City?) but I thought it was a great fluffy movie (maybe not the best date movie but still)

These movies are not here to make us think, they are not here to make us ask deep thoughtful questions, they are here to entertain us. Period. What is so wrong with mindless fun?

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