Costes by Costes

Now, a perfume from a hotel would not normally attract my attention. But Costes by Costes was created by Oliva Giacobetti, who happens to be my favourite nose. I bought the small splash bottle ($20 at noor boutique, sold out at luckyscent) and boy am I glad I did. Costes is a spicy-herbal woodsy scent with a nice heavy hand of incense. One of the sexist perfumes I own (well, I think all my perfumes are sexy but still) I'll eventually doll out the money for a full bottle, but for now the splash bottle is just perfect for travelling.


lavender, bay-tree, coriander, white pepper, rose, incense, woods and light musc

Luckyscent Description

Direct from the ultra-hip Hotel Costes in Paris comes this very limited offering. Costes is dark, sultry, warm and mysterious. This French-kissed eau de toilette perfectly balances woods and rare spices to create a devastatingly sexy first impression.

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