What a Long Strange Trip it's Been...

Well November was a hard month, and so was December. January was filled with antipathy, but with spring around the corner (6 weeks according to our rodent friend) I find my fingers itching. Itching to share what I'm reading where I'm going and what I'm interested in. It also helps that in exactly 5 sleeps I'll be in sunny Arizona for 1.5 weeks and then seven days after I get back in NYC with C and N. Still haven't applied for my British Visa, but as I've postponed any moving to a new country until next January (my credit cards need paying off first) I'm in no rush. I still hate my job, but it's OK. I'm only there in this location for 3 more months (pretty much one of which I'm away for) and then I'm back home with my mum. This summer/fall I intend to volunteer my little butt off to spruce up my resume (the local library, an arts festival and my sisters school) as well as a new part time job working for the Learning Centre for some extra cash. I'm getting organized and starting to pull myself out of this cycle of depression. This blog may change a bit in content, maybe less fashion and more books. But the heart is still the same.



  1. Wooo! Very looking forward to meeting you!
    How do I add you to my blogger thing? Very confused be it all....

  2. I think is somthing like the follow feature? lol I dunno. And YAY, I can't wait to meet you <3 Cass has 5 book stores picked out. :D It should be brill.

  3. Fantastic! I'd love to also go to a yarn store for knitting stuff, my new obsession. Wooo! :-D

  4. You're back! Yay! (And trust me, if you decide to focus your blog on books, that's a-okay with me. I'm always looking for good reading suggestions!)

  5. Trust me Rose, with my reading list (Tolstoy, Dumas, ect) there will be lots to write. I'm loving your new blog btw, even if I never comment because I'm crap like that. :)

    Necha do you want me to bring anything from Toronto knitting stores? We have a fantastic one here called Romni Wools and I think I should have enough time to nip on down and get something if you want it. What do you knit?