R.E.D.S Bistro

77 Adelaide Street West

Price: Expensive
Rating: 4 out of 5
R.E.D.S was part of the winterlicious special so I took advantage of a chance to try someplace I would normally never be able to afford. The fixed price cost was $45 a person, plu 18% gratuity so around $60. Seeing as it normally runs around $200+ a person this was a great deal. The bread basket was mini white baguettes with a white bean, garlic and olive oil spread (it had the consistency and taste of whipped pate) For the starter I had the seafood cataplana, which had chorizzo, clams a shrimp in a tomato saffron ragout. It was presented in mini le crueset dishes with yummy toasted cheese bread on the side. For the main I had the beef tenderloin with oie Gras (my first try of Foie Gras) with a roast potato (yes singular) and some roasted vegetables (carrots, brussel sprouts, ect). The meat and Foie Gras was Delicious, the vegetables where good if a little on the sparse side. The Foie Gras was like butter, it was so tender and Delicious. For desert I chose the apple crumble with vanilla bean gelato. I was a little disappointed with this one, the apple crumble was cold. It would have been improved greatly if it had been warmed. I also sampled the deflated chocolate souffle, which tasted like a light chocolate cake. Nothing to write home about.

I would most like never come back here despite the wonderful menu. It's location (the financial district) and prices are what keep me away. If you can drop $200+ on a meal, I'd recommend this place whole heartily. The staff was friendly and answered any and all questions we had about the meal (plus they split our bills up again after we forgot to tell them in the first place. No mean feat with 5 of us) Complimentary coat check is also a plus. The washrooms where clean, if a little crowded with only two stalls. I can see this being an issue if the place was busy. All in all a great experience though.

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