I miss the Warmth

So I'm back from Arizona and it was fantastic. My goodness, but Sedona is lovely. The red rocks are just stunning. The weather was warm and sunny, the food (although gigantic portions) was tasty. We only had ONE bad meal the entire trip. It has been officially proven that my sense of direction is great, even if I have trouble reading a map. The cherry on the cake though was meeting Dominic Cooper at customs in Toronto. I was urged on by my mum to beg a picture which he happily complied, he was very nice. Oddly enough I noted that he smelled really good too. Excuse my very red face, I had a lot of carry on luggage and had to wear my winter coat with the heat on high (it was like a savanna in the airport)

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  1. Ooooh! I'm so jealous! Dominic Cooper is a total cutie.